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Yussi is from Switzerland and has played guitar since 1985. In 1997 he studied at the renowned Jazz Conservatory St.Gallen. After playing in over a dozen bands and recording an album with the rock band "The Minimals" he moved to L.A. to attend the world famous Guitar Institute of Technology. In 1993 he enrolled at L.A.V.C. to study classical guitar, arranging and orchestration. Yussi began to play mandolin, banjo, oud and other exotic string instruments and in '94 developed a strong interest in flamenco guitar and the music of the gypsies. While Indian music guru Hari Har Rao tutored Yussi in the playing of the Indian sitar in late 1993, Narada recording artists Axiom of Choice invited him to join the band for their 1994 debut album "Beyond Denial". Yussi also developed a series of guitars with acclaimed luthier Boaz Elkayam and wrote the instructional book "Exotic Guitar".

Bandidos founding members Yussi & Django released their debut album "Bandidos de Amor" worldwide on X-DOT 25 in fall of 1995. Tracks from that album got placed on several compilations and movies. The same year saw Yussi also playing on Ricky Martin's hit record "A Medio Vivir" featuring the #2 song "Maria". He was soon asked back to play on Ricky Martins's Grammy winning "Vuelve".

Yussi can be heard on Popstars' Eden's Crush's #1 album from the WB hit TV show of the same name. Yussi has written music for the Troma film "Rowdy Girls" starring Shannon Tweed and appeared in a Playboy production.

"El Pirata", Yussi's debut as a solo artist, was released in 2000 and is followed up by his 2002 release "God of Six Shadows".

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