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Larry G

Larry G (Bassist/Composer/Producer/Arranger) is very multi-talented with recording, performing & musical production experience. Larry has worked on live concert performances, as well as feature films, television shows and commercials. His most recent credits include composing the orchestral score for Adam Sandler's "Happy Gilmore", "Pendragon's Theme" and "Melinda's Theme" for NBC's "World's Greatest Magic I & II", the orchestral reconstruction of over 20 episodes of "Popeye the Sailor", and the Xmas Special of the "Dumb & Dumber" cartoon series.

Larry G produced Cybill Shepherd's 2001 CD release, "Live at the Cinegrille". He wrote and produced the radio spot, "Every Woman Counts", featuring Barbara Morrison, Cybill Shepherd, Maya Angelou and Vikki Carr for the Women's Breast Cancer Early Detection Program. This past year he wrote and produced the new version of this spot with Celia Cruz. Larry has conducted the last two years for world music legend Faramarz Aslani at the Wilshire Ebel Theatre and the Hollywood Athletic Club along with his friend and fellow musician, Ardeshir Farah (best known for his duo work in the group Strunz & Farah). Larry G. has also arranged, recorded & co-produced world music singer, Assef Faramarz's latest 2 CDs: Afra IV and Afra V.

Larry G. is currently putting the final production touches on Cybill Shepherd's latest CD before she departs to begin working in the New York Broadway production of 42nd Street as the character, Dorothy. Larry G is also finishing the film score to the Motion Picture, The Oldest Con Game with his longtime partner, Tom Adams.

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