Bandidos de Amor

Origin of The Bandidos de Amor

In 1995, bassist/producer Larry G. Goldman (El Professor) was performing in a group called AFRA led by world beat Middle Eastern recording artist, Faramarz Assef. One day Faramarz introduced him to an exotic guitarist named Yussi. Yussi came into the Afra band upon the recommendation of Ardeshir (Eddie) Farah (of the famous instrumental group, Strunz and Farah). After playing several concerts and discussing their musical interests Yussi invited Larry G. to join another group he had going with a great guitarist, Django Porter, simply called Yussi and Django. Shortly thereafter, they recorded the group's debut release on the XDOT label.

The Yussi and Django band was based in and performing in Southern California and played only instrumental music. In 1997 they were approached by a BMG records executive, Javier Willis, about possible performances later that year. The group mentioned to him that they were interested in adding a vocalist, but hadn't found that special someone.

At the same time Josh Cruze was acting in the award winning musical "Twist of Fate". One night Javier Willis came to the show and saw Josh sing and play the guitar. He thought Josh would be perfect for the Yussi and Django band. After the show Javier Willis met with Josh and a meeting with the members of Yussi and Django was set. The meeting went great and everyone decided to give it a try. Rehearsals and dates to perform were scheduled.

The performances were very promising, but after three months Django left the band for artistic reasons.

Prior to Django's departure, Larry G. was performing with a group he put together for an appearance in a popular Beverly Hills nightclub to play Latin Jazz. The drummer had recommended an excellent and versatile guitarist, Marcelo Berestovoy to Larry G. Marcelo and Larry G. instantly hit it off and kept in touch sharing their common interests in music and life.
Coincidentally, Yussi was working on an independent recording project with a friend and met Marcelo while auditioning guitarists. He liked Marcelo's playing and kept his number.

When Django moved on to new adventures, the band went looking for another guitar player. Yussi mentioned Marcelo to Josh and Josh gave him a call. Larry G. and Marcelo were pleasantly surprised to find each other working together one night as the group was trying out new guitarists. Things worked out, as things do and the band felt that they had found the right musician and backup singer in Marcelo.

When Django left a decision was made to change the name of the band. The name chosen was Bandidos de Amor. Today the Bandidos de Amor are one of the busiest bands in Los Angeles. They have recorded two CDs, "California Rumba" and "Asi La Vida". They are presently working on their third CD. Their songs are on film and television sound tracks.

The Bandidos de Amor are Marcelo Berestovoy, Josh Cruze, Larry G Goldman, and Yussi.

Bandidos de Amor

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